Beautiful Vieques PR

Beautiful Vieques PR

Sunday, February 13, 2011

World Peace

Written for Carry on Tuesday Prompt #92
This week, the opening of a love poem by Cortney Kuchta, One Wish
"If I could have just one wish"
(Use any part of it within your poem or prose)

My son is on the right with the sunglasses

If I could have one wish today
T’would be for peace upon our world
For that would surely be the way
To bring my son home flags unfurled.

He’s in Afghanistan right now
Where danger lurks beneath the ground.
Where I.E.D.’s will not allow
A sure safe passage to be found.

Although I am a realist
And know that wars are here to stay
My wish for peace would still persist
If I could have one wish today.


  1. Beautiful. I share this wish with you.

  2. A very true heartfelt wish, and I'm sure your wish will come true.

  3. Oh I do so wish for peace, too! And I hope your son comes home safely! ☼

  4. I wish that did be the wish of all humanity, thanks for sharing this

  5. I consider myself a realist, too, but I, too, vote for peace.

  6. Nice poem..thought provoking..

    ur son is in Afghanistan...??? I am in the southern parts of India (in Kerala)..the problem of Aghanistan worries the people around here also..

    btw..i am a first timer here..happy to have landed on such a beautiful blog, however..

  7. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. My son should be heading home very soon, but I will keep supporting our troops until the last one comes home!