Beautiful Vieques PR

Beautiful Vieques PR

Friday, April 1, 2011


This is National Poetry Writing Month and the NaPoWriMo Prompt today was to write a poem with a color as its title but to write against what people associate with it.  (Blue=Sad)  We are also to invoke the name of the poet (as in a ghazal) and to use a form.  (I chose the terza rima)  Finally, we must use a form of water in the poem.  So, here it is:


Sweet summer days for thee and me
We’ll lie upon the soft hot sand
And bathe in warmth of azure sea.

Blue sunny skies, marshmallow clouds
Like parasols in party drinks
Replace the cold of winter’s shroud.
We’ll weave our turquoise tapestries,
And savor sunny season’s heat
Enveloped in the tropic breeze.
Before return of winter’s drape,
We should move where it’s always warm.
So Gloria why don’t you escape?

G.K.Bostic - 4/1/11


  1. What a sweet twist at the end! And oh boy! Do I long for some blue skies. *pouting in the rain Pac NW*

    Cloaked Monk

  2. What a sweet swaying poem of love and the color blue. I think moving where it's always summer is not a bad idea. One thing about having so many sunshiny days is that we sometimes take it for granted and don't see the beauty of it as brightly as one who witnesses the seasons.