Beautiful Vieques PR

Beautiful Vieques PR

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 24 - Wordle Words

For Day 24 I decided to try Brenda's Wordle Words Challenge.  Thanks for the Challenge Brenda!

Tenderly wrapped in tissue
Of denial
Her heart lay protected
By opted amnesia,
Shielded from sharp pain
Of promises not kept,
Sweet promises of
Eternal love…
Yet memories of the
Piquant, cheap perfume
Creep back to haunt
Her dormant senses.
Visions of dark-haired siren
With pinwheel tattoo
Upon her nape

Diminish protective shield
Stealing peace of forgetfulness,
Squeezing the hand of
Betrayal ‘round her heart,
Replenishing the hate.
Remembrance leads her to
That aching path
That will alone
Quench her thirst
For revenge.

Here are the Wordle Words: 
tissue, sharp, cheap, squeeze, replenish, creep, steal, quenching, pinwheels, tattoos, piquant, diminished, eternal


  1. Gloria! This is a pointed piece. It called for a second and then third read. I love the opening four lines... the rest of it follows and takes the reader deeper. Well done!

    I'll add your blog to the prompt site. :) I'm excited to see the poems come whirling in! It's interesting that you and I both used the pinwheels in tattoos.


  2. I agree with Brenda...those first four lines...just pulled me in to keep reading! The use of the wordle words flowed quite nicely! Well done!

  3. I agree, your use of words is smooth and almost casual, yet the image of struggle is strong and apparent in the poem. I love to watch how many different places the words can be taken.


  4. Well done, Gloria! Makes we want to read the continuation of the story :)

  5. u r a true word smith.
    masterful job...

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  7. Gloria, I had to read it twice, it was so dense with meaning. I like your take on the words and that conflict between forgetting and remembering and pain and what to do with it - revenge. A powerful write.

  8. Gloria, this is a wonderful piece of writing from the first line to the last.


  9. Brenda - Thank you for the words that tickled my muse. I'm always fascinated by the amazing variety of responses to the same lists of words.

    whenwordsescape - Thanks so much!!! :)

    Elizabeth - Thank you, I really appeciate it.

    iself - Thank you, but I fear the continuation of the story would lead us down a path to tragedy!

    Jingle - Thank you so much, and I really do appreciate the award!! I will definitely pick it up and put it on my site with pride! :)

    Mr. Walker - I really appreciate your comments. Thank you so much!

    Pamela - Hi, and thanks so much!! :)