Beautiful Vieques PR

Beautiful Vieques PR

Friday, April 29, 2011

Ode to Books

Day 29 April P-A-D Poetic Asides prompt:  Write an ode....not necessarily formal.  I really hit a brick wall with this prompt, but I finally came up with this.

You take me to places I never thought to go,,
You take me away from the pain of today.
You bring me knowledge, helping me grow,
You give me more than I can ever repay.

You make me laugh at myself and others.
You give me the means to loose my sorrow.
You replace boredom with hours of pleasure.
You let me encounter many lovers,
You give me hope for a better tomorrow.
You, my books, are the pearls of my treasure.

G.K.Bostic - 4/29/11


  1. This is a great ode to books. They do open up the world for us and I have to say that your poetry and that of others does the same for me. I learn and laugh and even cry a bit.

  2. Oh, Gloria...I had such a hard time with this one, too! I thought, "I've had 28 days in a row of writing poems, and on day 29 I'm being stymied by an ODE." took a while...but I finally wrote my first ode ever!

    Great job on yours! Love the last line!

  3. Yes, Gloria, books will do that for us. A lovely ode.


  4. Next to writing, reading is my second passion. I started young and it still continues. Am fairly certain that it awakened the writing hunger in me. I owe a great debt to books,


  5. "You let me encounter many lovers"...Well, that's one way of playing the field from the comfort of your armchair! LOL
    I'd possibly have had to write the next line as "From between your hardback covers". Hello, Mr Darcy? Hehehe!

  6. A wonderful praise poem to books.

  7. I like this very much, it's all true for those who love books!